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Partner with a reputable company that works with trained, experienced, and diligent professionals from Grand Prairie and the surrounding cities of Coppell, Arlington, Irving, and Mansfield.

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What to expect

Here's what's included in our checklist for office cleaning:


  • Cobweb Removal
  • Dust Blinds
  • Dust Ceiling Fans
  • Dust Baseboards
  • Clean Tables and Shelves
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Vacuum/Sweep/Mop Floors
  • Trash Can Emptied & Wiped Down
  • Dust Furniture/Decorations
  • Clean Light Fixtures/ Door Knobs
  • Clean Window Sill
  • Clean Ceiling Fans
  • Vacuum Furniture
  • Wipe Down Furniture
  • Clean Doors/ Door Frame Details


Everything done in All Areas plus:

  • Scrub & Clean Sink(s)
  • Clean Countertops, Backsplash , and Tables
  • Clean Inside And Outside Of Microwave
  • Clean Stove Top & Overhead Fan
  • Wipe Down Appliances
  • Clean Cabinet Exteriors
  • Clean Refrigerator Exterior
  • Polish Stainless Steel (If Applicable)
  • Clean/Vacuum Floor Mat(s)
  • Clean Hood Range , Toaster, Keurig
  • Scrub Heavy Build-up
  • Mineral Removal


Everything done in All Areas plus:

  • Scrub & Clean Sink(s)
  • Clean Countertops
  • Clean Soap-dish & Countertop Items
  • Scrub & Clean Showers & Tubs
  • Scrub & Clean Toilets
  • Scrub Heavy Build-up
  • Mineral Removal


Everything done in All Areas plus:

  • Vacuum Carpet & Rugs (+ Closet Space & Stairs)
  • Make Beds (Change Linens If Left Out)
  • Fluff Pillows & Cushions
  • Vacuum Couches & Chairs


You can also choose the following add-ons :

  • Clean Inside the Fridge - $35.00
  • Clean Inside the Oven (must be run the night before) - $35.00
  • Organization - $75.00/hour
  • Wet wipe-down of Blinds - $40 a window
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Experience a higher standard of office cleaning near you

We believe the only correct way to do business is to always strive to bring maximum value to our clients in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Coppell, and Irving. To consistently ensure the very highest level of service, we've built our company on these core principles:

Commitment to excellence

We work exclusively with experienced cleaners who have an excellent eye for detail and a passion for consistently delivering the best possible office cleanings.

Emphasis on safety

Your security and peace of mind are of utmost importance to us. Every individual we send you has been carefully vetted and interviewed to ensure total reliability.

Transparence & responsiveness

We use a straightforward pricing system that's free of hidden costs and leaves no room for interpretation as to what exactly you'll be getting for your money.

Cash-free payment methods

Our online platform is built with security and convenience in mind. Payment is 100% hassle-free, and you can trust us to keep your sensitive data safe.

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Your go-to experts in office cleaning in Grand Prairie & beyond

When you come right down to it, a company is the sum of its people, which is why we team up with the very finest pros in the Grand Prairie, Irving, Arlington, Mansfield, and Coppell. Our rigorous vetting process is specifically designed to find and retain talented and motivated technicians who take pride in their work. We warrant that every cleaner we send you will be:

  • Insured & bonded: You and your professional will be fully protected against any mishaps or other problems that may occur.
  • Skillful & experienced: Your office cleanings will be performed by industry veterans who know exactly what they're doing.
  • Thoroughly screened: Fewer than 5% of all applicants who apply to join our network are able to pass our detailed screenings and interviews.
  • Beloved by past customers: Being positively rated by previous clients is one of the key criteria we look at when deciding whether to work with a particular cleaner.
  • Pleasant & agreeable: We only team up with amicable individuals who care about your satisfaction and have an excellent work ethic.

Our seamless process delivers maximum quality at every turn

As the owner or manager of your business, you don't have the time to micromanage your office cleaning. That's why we created a highly optimized process that enables you to quickly set up a recurring service in Grand Prairie. You'll be able to focus on the success of your business, safe in the knowledge that your workspace is in good hands.

Online booking

It takes just a minute or so to schedule recurring office cleanings using our intuitive online form.

Fast response

The cleaners will regularly show up at the agreed-upon hour to keep your premises sanitary and welcoming.


Demonstrate care for your clients and staff by presenting them with a perpetually tidy and hygienic office.

We never leave our clients' satisfaction to chance

We aren't exaggerating when we say our customers' happiness is our priority. One of the ways we demonstrate this is by covering every office cleaning with a comprehensive 200% satisfaction guarantee. Should any aspect of your service fail to meet your expectations, please alert us ASAP. We'll immediately send an expert to your location to re-do the problematic area completely free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is office cleaning so important?

Office cleaning is the only way to minimize the presence of allergens, pathogens, fungi, dust, and other harmful particulates in your premises. This protects the wellbeing of your staff and clientele, and ensures that your business complies with the relevant health and safety regulations in Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Arlignton, Coppell, Irving, and other Texas communities.

What’s more, a sanitary and organized workplace leaves a positive impression on customers, partners, and prospective employees. It helps attract and retain top talent, and minimizes absenteeism due to illness.

How often should offices be cleaned?

It depends on how many people pass through it on any given day. A weekly office cleaning is the minimum for most small to medium-sized businesses. However, if you regularly admit clients or partners into your premises, more frequent appointments may be necessary.

How much does it cost to clean an office building?

The price of this specialized service is estimated based on multiple factors. These include the approximate square footage of the building and the number of rooms, how long it’s been since it was last given a good scrubbing, whether extra services such as window washing and fridge interior cleaning are included, and more. To request an accurate quote for your office cleaning in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Irving, Coppell, Mansfield, and the area, give us a call or fill out our quick online form.

Do you tip office cleaners?

Although tips aren’t expected, they’re certainly welcome. If you’re particularly satisfied with the service you received, don’t hesitate to tip your cleaner in person. You can also give the tip to our management team, and we’ll make sure to pass it on to the professional who performed your service.

Where can I book a detailed office cleaning near me in Grand Prairie & the vicinity?

Precise Cleaning Pros is a trusted company that caters to private and public clients in Grand Prairie and the nearby communities of Arlington, Irving, Coppel, and Mansfield. In addition to office cleaning, the professionals we team up with can also deliver a variety of housekeeping services, including:

Contact us today and benefit from our customer-focused approach, easy booking system, and 200% satisfaction guarantee.

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